Previous Events:

20/01/12 Speaker: Dr Francisco Alpendurada
Affiliation: Royal Brompton Hospital, London
Title: Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance of the Right Ventricle in Heart Disease
28/11/11 Speaker: Dr Daming Shi
Affiliation: Middlesex University
Title: Vision-Based Object Tracking and Recognition
24/06/11 Speaker: Prof. Michelle J. Johnson
Affiliation: Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
Title: Motor and Brain Changes after Stroke following Upper Arm Therapy with and without Robots: Case Studies
29/03/11 Speaker: Dr Rosemary Clyne
Affiliation: Middlesex University
Title: Unravelling the Regulation of Meiosis
08/03/11 Speaker: Prof. Brian Brown
Affiliation: University of Sheffield
Title: Impedance Spectroscopy of Cervical Epithelial
30/11/10 Speaker: Prof. Stephen Dilworth
Affiliation: Middlesex University
Title: Viruses and Cancer: Saviours or Villains?
26/10/10 Speaker: Dr Rui Loureiro
Affiliation: Middlesex University
Title: Robot-mediated neurorehabilitation
21/09/10 Speaker: Dr Helen Marshall
Affiliation: University of Sheffield
Title: Hyperpolarised 3He lung MRI; imaging methods and medical applications
12/07/10 Speaker: Prof. Bill Lionheart
Affiliation: University of Manchester
Title: Electrical Impedance Tomography: Challenges and Applications
29/06/10 Speaker: Prof. Ray Iles
Affiliation: Middlesex University
Title: Untying the Gordian Knot to explain hCGbeta expression by cancer cells
25/05/10 Speaker: Dr Colin Casimir
Affiliation: Middlesex University
Title: “Addressing the envelope”: Targeted gene delivery using retroviruses
27/04/10 Speaker: Dr Derek Davies
Affiliation: Cancer Research UK
Title: Flow Cytometry: Principles and Applications
30/03/10 Speaker: Dr Nada Yousif
Affiliation: University College London
Title: Modelling Deep Brain Stimulation
23/02/10 Speaker: Prof Ivan Roitt, FRS
Affiliation: Middlesex University
Title: Aims and Directions for the Centre for Investigative and Diagnostic Oncology at Middlesex University
26/01/10 Speaker: Dr May Tassabehji
Affiliation: University of Manchester
Title: Mouse Models to Understand Human Disease
08/12/09 Speaker: Prof. Thomas Rademacher
Affiliation: Midatech Ltd.
Title: Gold Nanoparticle Investigations and Applications
24/11/09 Speaker: Dr Nic Cade
Affiliation: King’s College London
Title: Raman Spectrocopy of Nanoparticles & Fluoresence Lifetime Imaging
27/10/09 Speaker: Prof. Sven Nordebo
Affiliation: Växjö University, Sweden
Title: Fisher information analysis for inverse problems